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PlanForCloud is a free cloud cost forecasting tool, enabling you to model and
get detailed cost reports for your deployments on the cloud.
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About PlanForCloud

PlanForCloud enables sophisticated modeling of the components of cloud deployments, including servers, storage, databases and data transfers, as well as usage scenarios that incorporate growth, seasonality and other variability in the consumption of cloud resources. Deployments are run through a simulation to create a detailed 3-year cost report that enables you to accurately forecast costs for new deployments or budget for future usage. You do not need to be on the cloud and we do not require any cloud credentials.

We are a part of RightScale, the leader in cloud management.


Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini - Marketing and Product Manager
Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini
Hassan is a founder and the marketing and product manager of PlanForCloud. He is responsible for the overall product direction and marketing of PlanForCloud. Previously, Hassan was a top IT consultant at Accenture. He began his IT career at the age of 15 in Aberdeen, Scotland studying Business Computing, graduating with a first class Honours degree. Winning awards year on year for the duration of his undergraduate course, he continued further education via a Masters in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

LinkedIn: Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini
Twitter: @hassankhosseini

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini - Technical Lead
Ali Khajeh-Hosseini
Ali is a founder and technical lead of PlanForCloud. He is responsible for the the overall technology direction and development of PlanForCloud. Ali is a cloud computing expert and brings with him years of research and industry experience. He completed his BSc in Computer Science at the Robert Gordon University and his MSc in High Performance Computing at the University of Edinburgh. He went onto be sponsored by Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance to do a PhD in cloud computing with Prof. Ian Sommerville at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

LinkedIn: Ali Khajeh-Hosseini
Twitter: @AliKhajeh

Alistair Scott - Software Engineer
Alistair Scott
Alistair is PlanForCloud's first hire. He works closely with Ali to develop all the cool features of PlanForCloud. Alistair graduated from the University of St Andrews, Scotland with a first class Honours degree in Computer Science and won several prizes for his programming skills including 2nd place in the Young Scottish Software Engineer of the year award and 3rd place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. He went on to work as a software engineer for two years before joining PlanForCloud.

LinkedIn: Alistair Scott
Twitter: @Aliscott

Callum Dryden - Software Engineer
Callum Dryden
Callum works as part of the development team at PlanForCloud. He graduated as a software engineer from Napier University and completed his internship at Sun Microsystems. Callum has worked in a host of languages including Java and .Net before falling in love with Ruby. Callum is active in the community and you are likely to find him at the local Techmeetup or Scottish ruby user group meet ups. Outside of work Callum is either riding his motorbike or fixing his Land Rover.

LinkedIn: Callum Dryden
Twitter: @callumdryden

Chris Leckie - Interface Designer
Chris Leckie
Chris is the design lead at PlanForCloud. A self-confessed lover (and smeller) of high quality paper, he prides himself on taking care of the little details that enable people to get the job done in the most enjoyable way possible. He also believes people can communicate primarily with gifs.

Twitter: @leckie

Rory Fitzpatrick - Software Engineer
Rory Fitzpatrick
As the team's dedicated Front End Engineer, Rory prides himself in knowing the Dark Arts of JavaScript. In reality his (relatively) old age just means he has more patience than anyone else. Escaping a life in civil service early on in his career, Rory worked in several established startups before joining one of Edinburgh's top digital agencies. After discovering that a) .NET is actually kinda awesome and b) clients are always wrong right, he joined PlanForCloud to teach them the difference between == and === in JavaScript (see above) and conduct brutal code reviews where no erroneous white space is left untouched. He drinks strong coffee in excess but knows how to enjoy a good single malt.

LinkedIn: Rory Fitzpatrick
Twitter: @roryf GitHub: GitHub

Stephen Haley - Software Engineer
Stephen Haley
Stephen is a recent graduate from the University of St Andrews. In his summers off from university he completed internships at both Xilinx and Adobe. His final year project involved building a framework in javascript and node.js that aided in the design and development of distributed applications. When not working Stephen is outside exploring and riding his bike.

LinkedIn: Stephen Haley
Twitter: @shaley91

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