Free Cloud Cost Calculator

How much does the cloud cost? Run your deployments through a simulation to create a detailed 3-year cloud cost forecast prior to cloud adoption. This enables you to do what-if analysis on different deployments, clouds and purchase options (e.g. on-demand vs reserved instances).
No cloud accounts or credentials required. Completely free.

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  • Model Deployment

    Describe Requirements

    Design your system for the cloud

    Design your prospective deployments by creating cloud services such as servers, storage and databases. Model elasticity and seasonality growth patterns to describe how your deployments grows over time. Include other costs such as support, licensing and SaaS costs.

  • Get Cost Report

    Cloud Cost Report

    How much does the cloud cost

    Generate a cloud cost report. This will run your prospective deployments through a simulation engine to create a detailed three year cost report. This enables you to do cloud cost analysis for future scenarios, and provides an understanding of your costs on the IaaS cloud.

  • Compare Reports

    Compare Deployment Options

    Compare cloud prices across multiple providers

    The cost of cloud computing depends on your specific scenario and deployment. You can now clone your deployment, change options and growth patterns to do what-if analysis, which enables you to make the right decision for your cloud infrastructure.